ACL injury in dogs

Browsing in my files I realised that I have so many interesting messages from Brian that contain a lot of value also for many of you. So once in a while I will be

How to earn 2000 € ?

Yes, tell me how you would like to earn 2000 € ? You could A.           Sell 10 torches with a benefit of 200 € per torch B.           Sell 100 torches with a benefit of

Be their Devine Being!

Hi, As you have seen by now… I m not like the others.. I haven’t sent you any email all week long to push the Offer onto you. But I don’t want you to

Double celebration Launch

As the NEW special lens arrived from New Zealand, I could finally put the finishing touch onto the Pro Torch. And so it was time to organize the official launch of the PRO TORCH.

Be the 1st !

As you well may know, subscribers are the most important members of any community and therefor they should be appreciated as much as possible… So yes they deserve a special service! What do I

The importance of a diagnosis

A typical conversation: Mary: Hi, I just wanted to check with you. I have been having pain in my arm for some time now and every time I use the red light locally, the

The evolution of the Photonic Torch.

Dr Brian McLaren B.V.Sc., M.App.Sc.  was a clinical scientist and veterinary surgeon, and the highest qualified veterinary acupuncturist in Australia with postgraduate qualifications in veterinary and human acupuncture. Brian’s pioneering research in the late