1. Exchange Rates & Costs

All prices are in Euros (€) without VAT.

All orders within
* Spain attract 21% VAT.
* Europe attract 21% VAT unless the buyer is inscribed in the “Intracommunotarian Register”. If so, please contact me before ordering.

All orders outside Europe are considered exportations, they do not attract VAT. The buyer is responsible though for any Import and Custom Fee.

The buyer is responsable for all extra bank costs following out of his bank transferral.

2. Shipping Policy

All products will be posted to a nominated postal address with certified postal services.   Postal costs will be calculated within the online store process, dependent on location and weight.

3. Refund and Replacement Policy

The product comprises one unit, or torch, and one, two or three or four USB flash drives/downloads, dependent on product purchased.
There is no refund or replacement for any USB flash drive/download.

All units, or torches, are guaranteed for 24 months from the date of purchase for Fabrication errors.
If any unit or torch is defective, and is posted to us with a return postal address, a replacement unit or torch will be posted back at no cost.

There is a refund available for the Pocket Torch of 30 days and for the Pro Torch of 100 days (postal costs not included).
The Torch will have to be as you received it, without damages or signs of use. In that case the full price will be refunded.
If there is any damage, the replacement cost of that part will be deducted from the refund.