Preventing and Managing Itchy skin

A big thank you to all who registered for the free webinar about Itchy Skin in English on last week and in Dutch this week.The replays are available for everyone to see.Feel free to

Equine APT Challenge

Join us in the free 5-Day Equine APT Challenge starting Monday, November 23 at 6 pm CET, 12 pm EST and learn how Advanced Photonic Therapy can assist your horse in case of an

Upcoming Free Workshops and new rates

I’m geared up for 2024, and I hope you are too! As is my tradition, I kick off the year with a FREE 4-day workshop on Facebook in English and in Dutch. This workshop

“How I beat my stroke in two weeks”

Erika Chopich sent me an email recently on how she recovered from a stroke using Advanced Photonic Therapy and our McLaren Pro torch pen immediately. This is what she wrote: You saved my life!

Ting Points

In Chinese acupuncture there are a number of different theories to explain which way the energy (Qi) flows.In one of the theories, contrary to the Meridian Theory, all energy starts at the first (or

LEVEL I programs: Foundation

  Are you an animal lover who wants to know more about acupuncture points, meridians, the method on how to assess your animal and then be able to support your animal to prolong their

Transposition of Human Points onto Animals

Aka Dr. Brian McLaren: “Within equine acupuncture, there are a number of different systems. Traditional equine acupuncture concentrated more on individual points by name, location, and function, and did not associate such points with

30-Day BOOST Program

The 30-Day BOOST PROGRAM is exceptionally organized NOW with the threat of this C virus and is to help you to boost your immune system and that of your family at home YOURSELF.Active start:


As Coronavirus is causing chaos, I thought it would be a good idea to share with others what could help them right now. Therefore I decided to make a new and FREE booklet with

Dog A.P.T. Blueprint

“Your wish is my command!” Remember that phrase from the movie Aladdin. I love the phrase but I needed more time to execute it.But it is here now…finally… the “Dog A.P.T. Blueprint Program”It is

Ebook 2.0

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The 30-day Success Formula

A proven way on how to relieve your painand get more energy in a matter of days without leaving the house or spending a fortune! Yes, I have listened to the many requests for

Points Finders and Electroacupuncture

This is an observation From Dr Brian McLaren from 2011. I have had a number of inquiries about the value of point finders, and  Electroacupuncture (EAP).  Both of these systems cloud the issues and

Testimonial Susan S

My name is Susan and I learned about Photonic Therapy through the Animal Wellness Summit in 2017.  I listened to a session from Eva and being a nurse I was very interesting in her