Frequently Asked Questions

What is Advanced Photonic Therapy?
How does Advanced Photonic Therapy work?
Is Advanced Photonic Therapy painless?
What conditions can be assisted by Advanced Photonic Therapy?
Are there any warnings?
How proven is Advanced Photonic Therapy?
How soon before one feels better?
Will one feel any immediate effects after applying the torch to the required points?
Will the Info Pack clearly tell me which points to apply the torch to?
Is there anyone I can talk to who can help me with questions I may have about Advanced Photonic Therapy?
How do I apply the torch pen?
How long do I leave the torch on each point?
How often should I use the torch?
If I increase the number of therapy sessions for a particular condition, will my pet become better more quickly?
Do I need to apply pressure when placing the torch on a point?
What if I don’t locate the point properly?
What should I clean the torch with?
Are there any demo's on the information on horses/dogs/cattle/birds/alpacas?
Where can I find scientific information on this system?
Which Red Light should I choose ?
What is included in your red light pack?
What are the user instructions for the use of the red light?
The red light torch pens have different Modes. Which Mode do I use for what?
How do you change the modes on the red light?
What is your refund and replacement policy?
I have a question, how do I contact you?
How can I make an appointment for an online session?
I am new to Advanced Photonic Therapy, where do I start?
My red light just arrived, what must I do before using it?
When does your newest course start?
When do your next long term courses start?
How much time do I have to complete the Level 1 program?
How much time do I have to complete the Certificate Course?
What do I need to do to complete the course?
What is your cancelation/refunds policy for the courses?
Do I need to own an APT Pro Torch?
How often do you organize these Level courses?
English is not my mothertongue, can I still do this course?
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