We would not have done it without Eva and the torch.

18 months ago, my stallion Brujo had a swelling in the throat which resulted in laminitis with rotation on both hands.
Everyone, including the vet, advised me to put Brujo to sleep.
But I love him too much and I could not just let him go without trying.

Eva, her mentor, Dr. Brian, and the photonic therapy were the solution.
The torch sessions reduced the heavy pain he had in his hands and made it acceptable.
The blood flow in his hands was sparked back and gave him day after day the power to go forward another step.

After a good 11 months Brujo was fully back and started practising his smooth dressage movements.

Two months ago the vet made new X-rays of both hands to check the situation… and … there was nothing more to see of the injury. The vet could not believe it!
A deep warm feeling of joy in my heart …. “Yes we made it” sounded in my mind.

Thank you Eva! Thank you Dr. Brian! Without the torch, and without your assistance and wise counsel, we would probably not have reached the finish line and certainly not with such a cracking result.

Anna & Brujo, Spain