I purchased my first torch from you years ago and had such success with my animals. I have since purchased your new model for therapists, and it is outstanding!

In April, I suffered a near-fatal hemorrhagic stroke in my brain stem from Long Covid. Before the paramedics arrived, I asked one of my barn team to bring my torch to the hospital, which they did. I hid the torch under the blanket so as not to have a hassle with the doctors and when they left my room, I went to work. I knew the haemorrhage was in my brain stem so I put the torch I my mouth to hit the pons part of my brain and then began tracing my vagus nerve where the paralysis was beginning. I did this endlessly. The doctors told me I would need a feeding tube for 5 months and 4 months in a rehab hospital, but I knew better. Thanks to you and your Torch, within 2 weeks, I was back on solid food and out in the round pen training my horses. They call me a miracle, but the true miracle is your Torch!

Erika Chopich, PhD.
Co-Creator of Inner Bonding

Recently my mare had severe colic, and so I found out that she is very good at hiding things. She showed no symptoms at all except for not eating and holding her head low.

I have not had her that long and I knew she’d been through a lot. So now I’ve started torching the standard points every 2 days and I have seen her change gradually. She has completely surrendered to it and soon starts yawning; which is the greatest expression of “letting go”.

Bianca Kolk, Netherlands

This is Bobi and Lu!

Thanks to Eva and Advanced Photonic Therapy, Lu recovered quickly and well (with no visible scar) after emergency surgery for peritonitis. Bobi’s Cushing disease is being reversed and his hair has been growing back.

Every pet owner should have an APT torch pen to promote their pet’s healing and relieve any pain!

Trudie Julien, France

My Rat Terrier was recently diagnosed as having his C2 and C3 almost touching in his neck he was staggering when he walked and his neck was swollen.

The Veterinarian suggested laser therapy, Alpha-Stim treatments, and three different medications.

I told him about the photonic therapy he said those things don’t really work and only treat on top of the skin. We did three laser sessions on my dog but nothing else worked except for the photonic therapy. My dog is doing great his neck is no longer swollen, he’s walking really well and improving every day thanks to the photonic therapy sessions.

Kim Wende, US

Just have to tell you my story of a few years ago when I was grooming my horse. He was a bit jittery and inadvertently stepped on my right foot when a loud tractor went by. His full weight went on the top of my foot. I quickly moved him away but not fast enough.

Luckily I carry my torch almost everywhere I go.

I could barely walk from the pain but managed to sit on a hay bale, take off my heavy barn boot and sock, and started torching the area directly for pain. I couldn’t think about the specific points for feet so I just stayed all around and over top of the area for about twenty minutes. I was afraid I would not be able to put my boot back on and was envisioning a huge bruise for the next couple of weeks.

I was so surprised when I noticed the foot was not turning blue or swelling and the pain went from an 8/10 to a very mild 3/10. I felt so relieved, slipped the boot on easily, and was able to walk without a limp. At home, I torched again till there was no more pain. The horrible bruise I was expecting never happened! Thank you Dr. McLaren for making this modality available and Thank you, Eva, for teaching us how to use it.
Mariette Ivits-Frechette, Canada


APT has been effective in helping 2 of my dogs, one with arthritis and one with a torn ACL. Both of them are limping less or not at all after just over one week of sessions every 2 days. I am the Director at Wolf PAWS, Inc.  ‘Positive Awareness Wolf-dog Sanctuary’. With several of our wolf-dogs 9+ years old, APT is an easy-to-use tool to help reduce pain & inflammation in our aging animals without the use of pharmaceuticals. And I can even use it on my aging body LOL. Thank you Eva!