I purchased my first torch from you years ago and had such success with my animals. I have since purchased your new model for therapists, and it is outstanding!

In April, I suffered a near-fatal hemorrhagic stroke in my brain stem from Long Covid. Before the paramedics arrived, I asked one of my barn team to bring my torch to the hospital, which they did. I hid the torch under the blanket so as not to have a hassle with the doctors and when they left my room, I went to work. I knew the haemorrhage was in my brain stem so I put the torch I my mouth to hit the pons part of my brain and then began tracing my vagus nerve where the paralysis was beginning. I did this endlessly. The doctors told me I would need a feeding tube for 5 months and 4 months in a rehab hospital, but I knew better. Thanks to you and your Torch, within 2 weeks, I was back on solid food and out in the round pen training my horses. They call me a miracle, but the true miracle is your Torch!

Erika Chopich, PhD.
Co-Creator of Inner Bonding