Just have to tell you my story of a few years ago when I was grooming my horse. He was a bit jittery and inadvertently stepped on my right foot when a loud tractor went by. His full weight went on the top of my foot. I quickly moved him away but not fast enough.

Luckily I carry my torch almost everywhere I go.

I could barely walk from the pain but managed to sit on a hay bale, take off my heavy barn boot and sock, and started torching the area directly for pain. I couldn’t think about the specific points for feet so I just stayed all around and over top of the area for about twenty minutes. I was afraid I would not be able to put my boot back on and was envisioning a huge bruise for the next couple of weeks.

I was so surprised when I noticed the foot was not turning blue or swelling and the pain went from an 8/10 to a very mild 3/10. I felt so relieved, slipped the boot on easily, and was able to walk without a limp. At home, I torched again till there was no more pain. The horrible bruise I was expecting never happened! Thank you Dr. McLaren for making this modality available and Thank you, Eva, for teaching us how to use it.
Mariette Ivits-Frechette, Canada