I have been using the Photonic Therapy for years, for my animals as well as myself and my family.
Just yesterday, my boyfriend had the first signs of those debilitating headaches he sometimes gets.
I immediately used the torch, and 10 minutes later he was quietly sleeping in his recliner.
He woke up and the pain was considerably reduced. I did the points again and he was able to join us for dinner!

YAY!!!! The Photonic Torch needs to be in everybody’s first aid kit!

Love my Photonic torch. I can’t do without it: It has helped our animals and my family so many times to conquer trauma’s and illnesses.
And a big thanks to Eva, who showed me how to use the Torch! Super stuff!

Kristien Lemmens, Belgium

After suffering for at least 20 years with my ears (predominantly my left one), I can now confirm that the torch really DOES work.
Since Eva has been showing me how to use the torch (and no, this was not an overnight cure) on an intensive course of treatment, I can now confirm that I no longer dread falling asleep!
My ears are now purely for listening and are protrusions from which to hang my sunglasses!
My husband can not remember the last time I had earache. Me (and his) thanks to Eva for her perseverance.
As an M.S. sufferer, it’s a relief to know that this can be helped and is nothing to do with the MS.
Bless you, Eva.

Lin, UK

I’m better using the torch than to go to the ¨¨¨¨physio.

I can’t explain it…I don’t know how it does what it does, but after I do the points with my torch….that pain seems to be “not there anymore”.

I’ve used it so far for chronic shoulder & hip pain, and I’m sticking with the torch.

Tony Bray, UK