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Photonic or Deep Red Light Therapy is getting more and more popular.

While we keep working hard to develop new products, just keep on red llighting your loved ones 🙂

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If you need any assistance in choosing the correct torch for your needs, please do not hesitate in contacting us

Interesting Facts

The new torch of 2016 was the POCKET TORCH.
Besides being small and easy to carry with you everywhere you go, it is also the cheapest torch on the market with the high quality deep red 660 nm LED and 2 modes.
The price is kept low as it is my wish that more animals and their partners be able to have one.
That is my contribution to help make a better world for us all.
And after all, money can’t buy you happiness. But seeing a smile on the face of a pain sufferer after having torched him the pain away… that is the biggest gift of all.


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For convenience of choice

…several new torches have been developed in 2016 and are available in different colours, colours choosen by our clients.

Delivery to all regions

…yes we will send the Torches worldwide as we believe everybody and anybody has a right to obtain one and torch the pain away and promote healing.

The highest quality of products

… is essential for us. We continue the work started by Dr. Brian McLaren since the late ’80 and we believe he showed us exactly how it should be.
And that is probably also the reason why his work and products have been copied so often.
It is a good product and it has proven it’s function thousands of time.

They Trust Us



  • My grandmother (87) had severe carpal tunnel syndrome. Often she couldn’t sleep and do her daily things because of the pain, loss of feeling, and the loss of power in her hand.
    I start torching and gently stretching her hand. The pain disappeared and the power and feeling returned. Her doctor was amazed by the result.

    Mirjam H., Netherlands

  • Testimonial 6
    Anna & Brujo, Spain

    We would not have done it without Eva and the torch.

    18 months ago, my stallion Brujo had a swelling in the throat which resulted in laminitis with rotation on both hands.
    Everyone, including the vet, advised me to put Brujo to sleep.
    But I love him too much and I could not just let him go without trying.

    Eva, her mentor, Dr. Brian, and the photonic therapy were the solution.
    The torch sessions reduced the heavy pain he had in his hands and made it acceptable.
    The blood flow in his hands was sparked back and gave him day after day the power to go forward another step.

    After a good 11 months Brujo was fully back and started practising his smooth dressage movements.

    Two months ago the vet made new X-rays of both hands to check the situation… and … there was nothing more to see of the injury. The vet could not believe it!
    A deep warm feeling of joy in my heart …. “Yes we made it” sounded in my mind.

    Thank you Eva! Thank you Dr. Brian! Without the torch, and without your assistance and wise counsel, we would probably not have reached the finish line and certainly not with such a cracking result.

  • Testimonial 2
    Jessica Willis, USA

    This has changed the way I handle all illnesses!
    Colic used to be pretty serious, and I have lost most horses that I have worked on until I got the torch!
    I purchased the torch for my mare who had a serious injury to her upper hoof/lower leg.
    Everyone is pleasantly surprised at her full recovery.
    I am so thankful for Eva, her knowledge, and her recommendation to get the torch!
    Thank you Eva!

  • Testimonial 5
    Inge Wagemans, Belgium

    Last summer my quarterhorse mare Missy suffered from colic.
    She wanted no candy or carrot so that was very unusual.

    I kept an eye on her while calling for the vet.
    Suddenly, I remembered the course of Photonic Therapy which I followed in March with Eva and where we had learned the colicpoints.

    I quickly went inside to get my stuff. I looked on my USB stick and for safety reasons, I called Eva!
    She gave me the necessary tips and advice, and then I went to torch all the spots very carefully.
    I was curious about the result!
    After fifteen minutes a pack of manure fell on the ground, and she had completely changed… it was incredible.
    At once she began searching my hands and pockets to scour something sweet, she obviously passed through. Thankfully!!

  • Testimonial 9
    Darlene Levesque, Canada

    I am a massage therapist for people, horses and dogs, and have used the torch for years now with the constant and amazing support from Eva when I need her and her wealth of experience.
    I have, in the last year, helped two dogs that had injured their legs, and with the torch and home care, both recovered comfortably without the use of pharmaceuticals to make a full recovery