This has changed the way I handle all illnesses!
Colic used to be pretty serious, and I have lost most horses that I have worked on until I got the torch!
I purchased the torch for my mare who had a serious injury to her upper hoof/lower leg.
Everyone is pleasantly surprised at her full recovery.
I am so thankful for Eva, her knowledge, and her recommendation to get the torch!
Thank you Eva!

Jessica Willis, USA

Last summer my quarterhorse mare Missy suffered from colic.
She wanted no candy or carrot so that was very unusual.

I kept an eye on her while calling for the vet.
Suddenly, I remembered the course of Photonic Therapy which I followed in March with Eva and where we had learned the colicpoints.

I quickly went inside to get my stuff. I looked on my USB stick and for safety reasons, I called Eva!
She gave me the necessary tips and advice, and then I went to torch all the spots very carefully.
I was curious about the result!
After fifteen minutes a pack of manure fell on the ground, and she had completely changed… it was incredible.
At once she began searching my hands and pockets to scour something sweet, she obviously passed through. Thankfully!!

Inge Wagemans, Belgium

I am a massage therapist for people, horses and dogs, and have used the torch for years now with the constant and amazing support from Eva when I need her and her wealth of experience.
I have, in the last year, helped two dogs that had injured their legs, and with the torch and home care, both recovered comfortably without the use of pharmaceuticals to make a full recovery

Darlene Levesque, Canada
I am very happy with the results of the torch. I have already used it several times for colic and I always had good results.
In 2014, I raised a colt, “Mats”, with the bottle, and then I also had to use the torch as the poor boy could not stand up by himself.

2014-05-23-04-07-01a I was very emotional because I saw and felt that Mats wanted to, but couldn’t. 2014-05-27-16-01-08a
After I contacted Eva, she gave me the necessary instructions and asked me to make some movies so she could ask Dr. Brian’s opinion.
Unbelievable how fast the communication was and I could intervene with even more targeted action.
Mats enjoyed it and after a few days I saw significant improvement.
After a week he was able to stand up by himself and he walked around happily. I cried, but they were not tears of sorrow, but of joy, it was an indescribable feeling!!

I’m glad I could do something with the torch for this sweet jet-black colt and I am grateful for the good support of Eva.
I myself, would like to learn so much more about the torching!
Inge Wagemans, Belgium