I am very happy with the results of the torch, I have already used it several times for colic and I always had good results.
In 2014 I raised a colt, “Mats”, with the bottle and then I also had to use the torch as the poor boy could not stand up himself.

2014-05-23-04-07-01a I was very emotional because I saw and felt that Mats wanted to but couldn’t. 2014-05-27-16-01-08a
After I contacted Eva, she gave me the necessary instructions and asked me to make some movies so she could ask Dr. Brians opinion. Unbelievable how fast the communication was and I could intervene even more targeted. Mats enjoyed it and after a few days I saw significant improvement.
After a week he was able to stand up by himself and he walked around happily. I cried but they were not tears of sorrow but of joy, it was an indescribable feeling !!

I’m glad I could do something with the torch for this sweet jet-black colt and I am grateful for the good support of Eva.
I myself would like to learn so much more about the torching!
Inge Wagemans, Belgium