Value of point finders and EAP

From Dr Brian McLaren I have had a number of inquiries about the value of point finders, and  Electroacupuncture (EAP).  Both of these systems cloud the issues and for someone using the torch (because
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Replay weekend Animal Wellness Summit

Did you miss the Animal Wellness Summit last November? It was an awesome online conference that brought together some of the BEST speakers, thought leaders, researchers, and educators in the Global Animal Wellness Community.

No it’s not an April 1 joke

but the Cat Info pack is finally getting ready. PRE-ORDER at – 25% from April 1 to April 15: Click HERE Advanced Photonic Therapy assists Cats with the following Conditions (as at April 1, 2018)
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Cushings disease

Recently I have received several inquiries about Cushing’s disease, so I thought it would be a good idea to share some info with you: As Dr. Brian McLaren has said “The cause is due
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Photonic Therapy now also approved in CANADA!

Yes, the International Institute of Complementary Therapist has confirmed that the new Canadian insurer has approved Photonic Therapy too. This means that the Canadian students for the Certificate Course (Equine or Small Animals) will
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Replay Equine Red Light Courses

Last night I presented the Equine courses for 2018, which will start on January 10, 2018. The first enrollment is already a fact. She wanted to secure her spot at EARLY BIRD price. If
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ATP Courses: workshops, online, practical

So last week I have given the new webinar regarding the upcoming APT courses which will start in December 2017 (Equine Photonic Therapy) and January 2018 (Red Light TherapySmall Animals). If you missed it,

ACL injury in dogs

Browsing in my files I realised that I have so many interesting messages from Brian that contain a lot of value also for many of you. So once in a while I will be

Free webinar: From Dream to Reality

Thursday May 25, 8.30 pm CET FREE webinar: How to become a Certified Photonic Therapy practitioner and access practitioners insurance Claim your spot now!
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How to earn 2000 € ?

Yes, tell me how you would like to earn 2000 € ? You could A.           Sell 10 torches with a benefit of 200 € per torch B.           Sell 100 torches with a benefit of
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Be their Devine Being!

Hi, As you have seen by now… I m not like the others.. I haven’t sent you any email all week long to push the Offer onto you. But I don’t want you to