Dr. Brian McLaren


Dr Brian McLaren B.V.Sc., M.App.Sc.  was a clinical scientist and veterinary surgeon, and the highest qualified veterinary acupuncturist in Australia with postgraduate qualifications in veterinary and human acupuncture.
Brian’s pioneering research in the early 1990s led to the development of an advanced form of acupuncture using light rather than needles to stimulate recognised acupuncture points.
This led to the development of a torch transmitting a safe, low frequency red light (with accompanying manuals) for assisting treatment of a range of conditions or ailments in people and animals.
Many of Dr. McLaren’s academic papers are available on our Resources page.

Rob McLaren


Inspired by his father and his efforts over the past two decades developing a simple and powerfully effective system for the temporary relief of pain, Rob McLaren focused on introducing the modernized system in 2010 to others around the world and gave workshops in the USA and Australia.

Eva Servais


At the end of 2016 we continue our mission and the task is passed on to me.
As I have always been interested in alternative and complementary medicine  and since Photonic Therapy saved my life,  I became a passionate student of this therapy, Acupuncture and TCM.
I became a Qualified Photonic Practitioner and have been teaching workshops in Europe since 2009.
My goal has become to bring out a cheap and small torch, so anybody can buy it and take it everywhere with them and we can all torch some pain away and make a better world for all. Let’s stop the suffering !